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Mahibay/ Provides Tips Drop Shipping

Mahibay/ is providing you some of the most valuable tips regarding drop shipping here. If at any time you have more questions or you don’t fully understand what is being said here, please Click Here and talk with a Mahibay/ representative right away. More News About Mahibay at Wordpress

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping can be a very simple and effective way to get involved in ecommerce. Many established online merchants are now turning to drop shipping strategies as a means of minimizing stock on hand, decreasing overall shipping costs and cutting down on delivery times to customers. More News About Mahibay at Vox

Drop shipping allows web site owners to send single/low quantity unit orders gathered on their web sites to manufacturers, or wholesale warehouses, who in turn ship the items directly to the customers of the web site owner; i.e. you do the promotion and collect the payment, and the drop shipper looks after order fulfillment. More News About Mahibay at ThespartanOther advantages of the drop shipping model

Because a drop shipper can buy in huge volumes, they will also be able to offer you the best prices on products and shipping, usually wholesale, which will return a greater profit to you. More News About Mahibay at Squidoo

There's no capital investment and no danger of you suddenly having a pile of outdated items in your inventory. More News About Mahibay at Soulcast

Using drop shipping allows you great flexibility in terms of product range - promote a dozen items or promote a thousand! More News About Mahibay at Sampa

Instead of worrying about inventory and delivery, you get to focus on listening to the market and discovering the products your visitors you want - and then being able to rapidly add them to your site. More News About Mahibay at Myweblog

Challenges and dangers of drop shipping

Many wholesale companies will have an interest in teaming up with you in a drop shipping arrangement as it's an easy way for them to generate extra revenue, but there's a number of points to consider and things to look out for: More News About Mahibay at MyOpera

Pricing points

Don't accept that the first drop shipper you come across will give you the best deal - shop around for the most suitable wholesaler. More News About Mahibay at Multiply

Drop ship fees and charges

Some drop shippers will have a handling fee over and above freight costs - it's important to know all the costs involved so you can calculate your profit margins accurately. Any wholesale company that wants to charge you a regular "participation" fee should be avoided - the only time you should have to pay a drop ship company *anything* is in connection with a specific order. More News About Mahibay at Manicfish


Is the drop shipper using "Clumsy Cal's Discount Express" or Fedex? Will they ship international? You'll want to ensure their shipping methods will see your clients get their products in one piece. More News About Mahibay at GreenPeace

Also bear in mind that you may need a specific type of shopping cart in order to handle drop shipping. Many shopping carts only allow for one "ship from" zip code in the configuration for freight calculations. If you are dealing with a number of drop-shippers you may have dozens of point-of-origin zip codes - and this can be a real headache if freight is based on distance. More News About Mahibay at


Will the drop shipping company automatically debit your credit card on each order you submit, or can you get monthly payment terms? When you are starting out with a company, they are unlikely to offer credit, but it's good to check if this will be possible once you've established credibility. More News About Mahibay at Journalhome

Support, returns and refunds

The last thing you'll want is to be caught up in a nasty situation where you have a number of returns - and have to foot the bill. Ask the drop shipping company about their returns policy, what kind of support they'll offer you for their products and about any guarantees associated with their products - and get it in writing. More News About Mahibay at GreatestJournal


How long have the drop shippers been around for? Do they respond to your requests for information rapidly and professionally? Young drop ship companies and wholesalers have the habit of going belly up quickly, or growing too rapidly and as a consequence basic good customer service suffers. More News About Mahibay at Grab

How do I get into drop shipping?

It's fairly simple:

Set up a web site that includes a drop ship friendly shopping cart and credit card processing facilities.

Find wholesale suppliers of products you wish to sell that incorporate drop shipping as a business method.

Open an account with the company.

Gather content and images relating to the products you've chosen, incorporate them on your site and shopping cart.

Collect the order and payment from your site.
Provide the supplier with the customer details.

The supplier then bills you at the special price you have agreed upon; fulfills the order and sends it to your client - in most cases with labels referring to your business/web site instead of the drop shippers. More News About Mahibay at Xanga

How do I find drop shipping friendly suppliers?

There's a couple of approaches you can take to find suitable drop ship wholesalers. More News About Mahibay at Friendster

Direct contact

You can contact wholesale suppliers directly who produce/stock goods of interest and inquire about a drop shipping partnership; although you should be a little cautious, especially if they haven't been involved in these kinds of partnerships before. More News About Mahibay at Freeweb

Search engines

The other way to go is to hit your favorite search engine and search on the terms:

"drop shipping" + product of interest
drop shipping + product of interest
"drop ship" + product of interest
"drop ship" + product of interest

Ensure you encapsulate in quotes where indicated above to ensure the results you get are the most relevant. More News About Mahibay at Familytimes

Drop ship directory

By far the easiest way to find drop shippers is to access to a drop shipping directory such as the Drop Ship Source Directory. Chris Malta, the owner of Drop Ship Source. More News About Mahibay at Egoweblog

Directory offers very reasonably priced access, and it's a once only fee - no monthly subscription fees. More News About Mahibay at Bravejournal

The members section of Drop ship Source Directory gives you access to lists of over 1,000,000 products from over 234 many different categories who will happily partner with you in a drop shipping arrangement - these are the *real* wholesale drop shippers, not retailers or middlemen with links to wholesalers - it's definitely worthwhile checking out. Also included in the members section are lists of other resources and tools. Chris and his team are constantly adding new companies and also offers money back guarantee on premium access. More News About Mahibay at Blogsome

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More News About Mahibay at

Mahibay/ is the best place to start if you are new at drop shipping. Even if you are a veteran, we would like the opportunity to discuss you options. Nine times out of ten we can help you out. More News About Mahibay at Bloglines

Top Ten Wholesale Drop Shipping Tips For Your SuccessOctober 20, 2006

by Kevin Nobleman

For those who aren’t familiar, drop shipping is a business term used for a situation where a seller sets a retail price for an item, collects the payment, sends the wholesale cost to a drop shipper and the item ships directly from their warehouse. In most cases, the seller never even handles the merchandise because every aspect of shipping is handled by the drop shipper. More News About Mahibay at Bloghi

As successful as the industry has become, there are concerns that arise from this method of selling. In order to familiarize you with those concerns and other helpful information, a list of 10 tips has been compiled. Anyone in the drop shipping industry, or who is considering it, should take their time and gather as much information as possible. More News About Mahibay at Bloggerteam
Tip 1: Check out the drop shipper’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau in their area. How long have they been in business? Has anyone ever filed a consumer complaint against the company? If so, has the complaint been resolved? This information can be found at More News About Mahibay at Blogspot
Tip 2: Ask the drop shipper how quickly they will be able to fulfill and ship the order. Be sure to inquire about whether or not a tracking number will be available. The tracking number will be very important because, if an item doesn’t arrive, you will need to have some means to track the purchase and to make sure that it was shipped. If a customer doesn’t receive a product, they will look to you for answers. More News About Mahibay at Blog

Tip 3: If you are drop shipping, this means that the item you are selling is not in your possession. It’s very important to let your customers know this. Sellers should indicate that the item will ship directly from your supplier. More News About Mahibay at

Tip 4: An important factor to consider is the delivery time. It’s pertinent to let buyers know that, because the item is shipping directly from your supplier, they may need to allow extra time for delivery. Make sure to ask your drop shipper how long delivery takes so that you may pass this information on to your buyers. More News About Mahibay at Yahoo360

Tip 5: If a problem should arise during the course of shipment, or if a shipment is delayed, promptly address the issue with your buyer. It’s important to have good communication and to let your customers know that you are always there to answer their questions. More News About Mahibay at 20six

Tip 6: Be cautious of a drop shipper who requires that you pay a fee to access their product line. A legitimate drop shipper should not charge to set up an account. More News About Mahibay at Bebo

Tip 7: When ordering from a drop shipping company, there should not be a minimum order. It’s normal to get discounts on larger quantities, but the drop shipper should be able to accommodate any order size from 1 to 100. More News About Mahibay at Business

Tip 8: Consider doing business with more than one drop shipping company. It’s always a good idea to shop around for a larger variety of better deals. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. More News About Mahibay at

Tip 9: When you begin doing business with a new drop shipping company, order a few test products for yourself. After all, you are the one who will be selling the products and you will want to make sure the company offers quality products, reliability and accuracy in filling orders. More News About Mahibay at Kaboodle

Tip 10: The whole idea behind drop shipping is wholesale. You are buying a product at such a low price that you should be able to sell it for a profit. The drop shipper is the wholesaler and you become the retailer. More News About Mahibay at Voyblogs

It’s easy to forget that some things really are too good to be true. Just like everything else, there are scams out there so be careful. The bottom line is that regardless of how wonderful the deals may seem, start slow and build up to larger orders as you become more comfortable with the process. More News About Mahibay at SpyFu

Please contact Mahibay/ right away if you have any questions regarding what you just read. More News About Mahibay at Startaid

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